Online Classes Goverment Colleges Instructions

A review was conducted by Smt.Chitra Ramachandran IAS, Special Chief Secretary, Department of Education and Sri.Navin Mittal IAS, Commissioner, Collegiate Education, on the status of the ongoing Online Classes in Government Degree Colleges at 12.00 PM on 27.04.2020 at O/o CCE, Vidya Bhavan, Nampally. Dr.P.Bala Bhaskar, Academic Guidance Officer, Dr.G.Yadagiri, Joint Director, Dr,J,Neeraja, Academic Officer, O/o CCETS participated in the review.

Telangana Colleges Online Classes Instructions

The following is the status of Activities in Govt. Degree Colleges during Covid-19 Lockdown period
 Online Teaching classes started on 15.04.2020 in all Govt. Degree Colleges in the entire State of Telangana.
 Nearly 125 Govt. Degree Colleges Started the Online Classes
 A total number of staff 2645 (1270 Regular, 845 Contract and 530 Guest/Redeployed Faculty) are involved in online teaching classes and are taking 3 online classes every day.
 Covering uncovered syllabus as per university examination structure and preparing the students for coming examinations

 Every teacher is recording their lecture and sharing it on whatsapp and other modes to cover the students who were not able to connect to online classes due to internet connectivity and other issues.
During these Online Classes, few of the faculty have initiated some best practices like
 Inviting Subject Experts from various universities to interact with the students.
 Language teachers inviting Poets (whose piece of poem is part of syllabus) to interact with the students,
 Inviting General Physicians to address the queries of the students on Covid-19 causes/symptoms/precautions/cure etc.

 Colleges organizing webinars inviting subject experts from various universities/institutions to deliver lectures on specific topics, special days, motivational issues etc.
 Librarians are conducting seminar classes to inform the students about various OERs, Books related to respective subjects, Exam preparation material and tips.
 Physicals Directors are conducting seminar classes to guide the students on the importance of physical fitness and stress management due to the covid-19.
 Providing learning material and assignments to the students on whatsapp groups
 Conducting Online Assignments, utilizing the “Survey Feature” on Microsoft Kaizala.

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 Some faculty started their own YouTube channel and uploading their videos and sharing the links with the students.
 Some colleges instituted YouTube channel exclusively for the students to show case their talents over program coding.
It was directed to step up the activities further during the remaining period of lockdown.

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