Janasena Party Pawan Kalyan Words on Future Politics

State politics turn into a fight between two castes

• Janasena Party going to play a crucial role in future politics
• Unable to convert fans into vote bank
• we need to clean stench of political corruption

Janasena Party president Sri Pawan Kalyan says at active workers’ meeting of Repalle constituency Janasena Party president Sri Pawan Kalyan has said that Janasena Party is going to play a crucial role dictating the future politics.

Janasena Party will not remain mere party of movements as it is the party that will grab power with support from the p.ple. “I have entered into politics knowing there will be jealous, conspiracy. and backstabbing. I am ready to face any constraints to take forward my ideas,” he said. Anyting of Janasena Party active workers of Repalle Assembly constituency was held at the Mangalagiri party office on Sunday. the party workers brought the local issues to the notice of Sri Pawan Kalyan. Speaking on the occasion, Sri Pawan Kalyan said “I did not come into politics to encash my filmy craze.

I have entered into politics with great concern after noticing unabated corruption .d atrocities on the women. No party will win the election if it gets votes on the basis of caste and race. The situation is different when NTR came to power as there is no tendency of giving Rs 2000 per vote and a motorbike. People had voted him to power when he announced Rs 2 per kg rice.

There is no such society or people at present. The situation has arrived now where people will suspect if anyone comes to serve the people. The future will not change unless there is politics where there is no buying of votes,” he add.. • Won the hearts of people despite poll debacle Sri Pawan Kalyan further said “in fact, Janasena Party did not face defeat in the general elections in 2019.

If the party is really defeated, p.ple will not have turn up in lakhs fOr long march in Visakhapatnam and protest rally in Kurnool demanding justice to Sugali Pr.thi. Though we have defeated in the el.tions, we have succeeded in winning the hearts of people. Telugu Desam Party has secured 40 per cent of votes, but still it is not strong enough. The reason is that the party has bought votes with money.

Whereas Janasena Party got the votes not with money, people voted for it with affection. Every vote is valuable. Despite the defeat, we are able to fight on behalf of the people strongly. Though Telugu Desam pa, is lagging behind over Amaravati issue, lanasena Party is capable of taking the movement forward. Janasena Party has owned strength becau. we wish wholeheartedly that all castes, religions and regions shall be safe and beneficial. Janasena Party has SOO fans in every ward where there are only five Jana Sainiks in each ward. The fans who have supported us In the Porata Yatra, have succumbed to different induces such as caste, religion and fears. As a result, we are unable to get votes as expected. Since I came into politics anticipating a long journey, I took the defeat as a stepping stone for victory; he said.

• Will lose a moral right if taken note! The Janasena Party chief said -some people are questioning me why don’t you respond on the issue of finding details of Rs 2000 crore from the personal assistant of Telugu Desam Party president and Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu. Janasena Party is against corrupt practices and hence we have practiced clean politics without buying votes during the elections.

We will lose the right to question the government if we took money for vote. When the people approached the YCP leaders for some favour or the other, they are now questioning back why shall we do favour as you have taken money for vote. They lost the right to question the leaders because they have taken money for votes. Present day politics drifted in the sludge of political corruption. We need to clean the sludge and we will ensure that it will not catch the stench of caste, religion and regional. The politics in Andhra Pradesh turned out into a fight between two castes.

The leaders who are ruling us are abusing ea. other in public in the name of castes. Young men and women shall come into politics to bring a change in the culture. A new political system has to be established to change the caste-based politics. It is possible only with Janasena Party.

People are suffering with vindictive politics. When Karunanidhi had built a new Assembly, Jayalalitha who had taken over the reins of the government later, changed it as a hospital. Keeping this in view, I had raised a query then itself that shall we need 33,000 acres for the capital city? Many people abused me and opposed my opinion. The farmers, who sacrificed their farmlands for the capital city, are thrown on to the roads after YCP came to power, he added.

• I won’t do calculations in politics Sri Pawan Kalyan clarified that 1 won’t do calculations in politics. Some people say that Muslim minorities will go away from party if we had alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party. My priority is to how fast we can take our ideals forward by tying.up with any political party. I never make cakuiations how much we benefit or lose if we had alliance with a particular party. The YCP had backstabbed Muslim minorities while claiming itself that they are favour to Muslims. The minority leaders of Nellore and Kadapa have question. the YCP leaders. Janasena Party never says that it is favour to this section and that section.

Janasena Party is favorable to the country and the society. I will speak wholeheartedly. Some people may like it while some may not. The leaders visit and garland the portraits of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar on the occasions of their birth and death anniversaries, but they will not follow their ideals. Whereas Janasena partY make off.. ,alto forward (heir ideal, tooth and nail, he affirmed. • Some feel politics means rnaking money Sri Pawan Kalyan said 1 didn’t enter politics to rnake money like some professional political leaders. I am here to serve the society as my stake. But some people think that politics is meant for making money.

They are laying a path for the future of their children by earning money through providing contacts to their kith and kin after being elected as MLA and MP. I entered into politics to fight against it. I do not have companies or industries which can earn crores of money for running the party or paying sch.I fee to my children. I can run the party with rnoney earned with acting in films,” Sri Pa.n Kalyan said. Sri Kamatham Sambasiva Rao, Repalle constituency party in.charge and others participated in the meeting.

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